Rough appearance for the backpack

It’s crazy. Unbelievable 13 weeks it is now ago that I packed my coarse the kindergarten bag. It seems like an eternity. In the meantime it was used as a school bag for playing school, as a diaper bag for the dolls and as a picnic basket for excursions. This whole "corona break – we all couldn’t believe it at first, could we?? Good thing we did not know how long it would last. But now, as i dig out the lunch box for the rough first day today, i’m getting a little weepy. As serious as the situation was, it was also a very beautiful time. So intense, without appointments, just living the day to the full, sometimes even in her pajamas. But nothing stays forever and in this case that’s a good thing. The three year old asks me every hour if she can really go back to kindergarten on monday with all her friends and teachers. As if she can’t believe her luck yet. And still: what will it be like to let her go after such a long time?? Will it just walk in like no time has passed, or will it stick to my leg and hide behind me?? We parents were not allowed in the kindergarten. Handing over the child with mask at the door. Where she is received by educators wearing masks.It’s a good thing that the needle is well prepared. Her kindergarten backpack was filled with "corona-medicine" during the lockdown. "To keep everyone healthy", so her wish.