Life-nature project makes progress in the main valley

Life-nature project makes progress in the main valley

In the main valley between bamberg and lichtenfels, dredging is currently underway in many places. As part of the "upper main valley" life-nature project new shallow water zones are created at dredging lakes. Oxbow lakes and wet meadow hollows provide habitats for endangered species and make the main valley a "ribbon of life become.

Two oxbow lakes and a meadow swale were created near the mouth of the regnitz river south of dorflein. Over 10,000 cubic meters of soil were moved for this purpose. Many fish benefit from the action, because the previously drainless depressions have been deepened and now carry water permanently. The fishery's wish to annex the old water to the main failed due to the requirements of the water and shipping administration.

Through a cooperation with the company dennert, the accumulated soil masses could be incorporated into their renaturalized dredging lakes close to the site. Not only has this reduced costs, it has also created additional shallow water zones in the denert dredging lakes, which will provide additional habitat for the diverse aquatic species in the future.

New reed planted
Following the earthworks, parts of the old water were planted with reeds by participants of the hunting training of the bamberg district group under the guidance of thomas stahl (LBV). This is how nature can reclaim a piece of its original floodplain landscape.

Immediately after the earthworks dragonflies could be observed laying their eggs and the first amphibians discovered the oxbow lake. Swallows drink here in flight and hunt insects. In the surrounding area, also by the life-nature-project, a nesting aid for the female stork and south of hallstadt a bird watching tower were erected. This can be reached in just a few minutes by bicycle from hallstadt. The path leads from the company easily from downstream on the main directly to the observation tower.