Cheerful singing with mask in weismain

This year, the start of school for the weismain ABC students at the abt knauer elementary school took a slightly different form. So the day was started with a child-friendly ocumenical service with the protestant pastor ulrich jobst, the catholic pastor gerhard mockel, deacon konrad funk and religion teacher susanne witzgall.

So the children and their parents had a wide range of activities in the city of schweinfurt.-martin’s church taken place. "Many of you are very excited about the first day of school. After your birth and the start of kindergarten, you have your third rough day today", explained the religion teacher. "The serious side of life begins with school. This statement is not exactly. But learning to read, count, write and paint is the serious part of life, but it also brings a lot of fun." The general tension was released as soon as there was singing in the church. The children found it very funny to sing with a face mask. After that they finally went to school.