0.07 Seconds between gold and nothing: rebensburg in bad luck

0.07 seconds between gold and nothing: rebensburg in bad luck

Neither the pity of the new world champion mikaela shiffrin nor the hug of the fallen lindsey vonn could really improve the mood of viktoria rebensburg after the so narrowly missed medal.

"Yes, slice," the 29-year-old said after missing out on a podium finish and bronze in the super-G by a tiny 0.02 seconds at the start of the skiing world championships. She was only 0.07 seconds behind shiffrin in are – the closest she has ever come between gold and nothing in a super-G either at the world championships or the olympics. "Brutally tight, yes. But that’s our sport. The time pays. That’s why the place is safe… Bitter."

Gold for shiffrin from the USA, silver for sofia goggia from italy, bronze for corinne suter from switzerland – and only tin for rebensburg from germany. For the third time in her career, the best female skier in the republic was left with only the most ungrateful of places in a major event. "It’s really the closest. Two hundredths, that’s… I don’t know how much that is converted to. But it’s just nothing," said rebensburg after the tough competition in double-digit minus temperatures in sweden.

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Training like the brose basketball pros

The people responsible for the "kiga baskets" project had invited the seven participating children’s day care centers invited. Due to scheduling conflicts, only the kindergarten from naisa and the two strullendorf facilities were able to be on site.

Project manager markus lempetzeder and his team have set up five stations, exactly where the stars of the brose baskets usually train. For jannik, leo and samira, however, this was more of a secondary matter. Much more important to the little "up-and-coming basketball players" seemed to be the fact that they were able to train once again that morning and prove what they have already learned.

Playfully, the individual stations, among other things, the physical fitness was challenged, with the "ruben ziehen" the community spirit and their own strength were strengthened, but they also learned how to shoot baskets and play the game.

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They do sports all the time

Yes, where do you run? Around reichmannsdorf, ever faster and ever farther. Three times a week: the group that took part in a rough run of ten kilometers long in wolnzach in july. That spurs on. Young and old. Brigitte kraus and carmen kraus spur you on. "Left leg up and swing… And now the right leg up and swing!" Before every training session you have to warm up, at the end everything ends with stretching exercises. The two exercise instructors are enthusiastic, as is their group of 25 to 30 people on average. Why do the 50 year old brigitte kraus and the four year younger carmen kraus do this?? Because they are sports enthusiasts and because they also want to bring others to sports and above all to their club, the SC reichmannsdorf.

After forces

There are the two women at home. Here they are officially involved as exercise instructors in the gymnastics department, but in fact they work hard for the entire SC. "She cooks for the soccer players and washes their jerseys", explains brigitte kraus to her namesake, who as head of the gymnastics department is a member of the executive committee.

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Women’s soccer in the world cup round of 16 – “won’t let up

women's soccer in the world cup round of 16 - 'won't let up

Farewell to rainy lille, off to the warm south to montpellier – and in the evening the german women"s soccer team had every reason to cheer in their rooms at the team headquarters "crown plaza montpellier corum.

After china’s 1-0 win over sud africa, germany is the first team to advance to the eighth finals of the world cup in france. While the team around national coach martina voss-tecklenburg watched the second game of group B together in an office, the players celebrated their entry into the final.O.-round in small groups or enjoyed it individually.

Because china and spain (each with three points) will be competing against each other in a direct duel at the end of the preliminary round, only one team like the DFB team will be able to reach six points. So the german team will have enough time next monday (18.00 o’clock/ARD) a point against "banyana banyana" for group victory.

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Baseball came with the americans

baseball came with the americans

"In the early days of baseball, it wasn’t about money, it was about ideas", says richard kermas. In his hometown mannheim he got to know this sport after the second world war, which was brought to germany at that time by american soldiers.

"The americans wanted to employ the german youths after the war because they feared that they would become werwolfen." The werwolf organization was a national socialist structure for building up an underground movement at the end of the war. To keep the young germans busy, the 84-year-old recalls, the americans figured out the best way to do it. About the "german youth activities (GYA) they offered volleyball and basketball training as well as baseball for the boys and softball for the girls. Youth baseball teams formed, which also provided an opportunity to learn english. When truth reform came in 1948, the americans no longer automatically supported baseball clubs. Out of twelve teams in germany, only five remained.

The sport was not completely new in germany, continues richard kermas. Even before the war, bats were played in this country with rules similar to those of baseball. In the early days, in the 1950s, he actively played baseball, once he was even allowed to participate as a national player: "germany against belgium – we won 14:13."

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Freiburg’s coach streich: “i’m happy the way things are”

Freiburg's coach streich:

How do you classify the second half of the season and the class retention from a sporting point of view??

Christian streich: "for us, it was clear that the goal of staying in the league would be very difficult to achieve. We have succeeded above all because we have placed the overriding goals in the foreground instead of the table: that we want to play football, want to inspire the people in the stadium and work with a perspective. That"s the only way we got the results right."

And how big is your part in it?

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A hero not only in organizing

A hero not only in organizing

Volkach resident julian wiederer can look forward to a trip to barcelona. It’s the prize the 24-year-old won as the winner of the "fubballhelden 2017 – aktion junges ehrenamt" project run by the bavarian fubball association. Wiederer was honored as one of 24 junior officials in bavaria at a ceremony at the stadium in regensburg. Later, the award winners were able to watch the second-division match between regensburg and greuther furth live from a VIP box.

On the day of the ceremony itself, all the honorees were introduced – and the achievements for which they received their prizes. The president of the bavarian fubball association (BFV), rainer koch, took the opportunity to thank the young people. In his speech, he emphasized the value and importance of volunteerism. "It was interesting and very well organized," says julian wiederer. The BFV’s award is aimed at particularly committed club employees under the age of thirty. Wiederer had not known that the honorary officer of the vfl volkach, jurgen hofmann, had proposed him.

The 24-year-old received the award because he had already rendered outstanding services to the vfl’s young talent as a trainer and supervisor at a young age. He plays a key role in organizing a soccer camp for children, which has been taking place over three days during the whitsun vacations since 2015. Around three hundred children between the ages of five and fourteen are looked after here by the club’s staff. Starting with the advertising, again he does a rough part of the work in advance. On all three days, he is also on duty as a coach on the sports field.

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