The bar is tapping

The "broadway dance company" and the "dublin dance factory present on thursday, 8. Marz, a "night of the dance in the dr.-stammberger-hall. Visitors can expect a perfect irish dance spectacle full of passion and pure energy. The event starts at 8 pm.
If you want to get an overview of what is currently hot in the world of dance, the "night of the dance" is the place to be just right. There you can be intoxicated by snappy soles, groovy music and breathtaking acrobatics.

Breakdance and ballet

Something for every taste: breakdance world champions, artistic acrobats and elegant ballet dancers. Furthermore, one can look forward to interludes from world-famous dance shows and films. This is how "baby" is made of your johnny as in "dirty dancing" lifted into the air, and michael jackson shows the famous dance moves to "beat it".
The "black theater" is particularly impressive, with the help of black light and special costumes fascinating performances are offered. The irish tap dance, however, is the most important part of the 90-minute program. But also completely new and unique choreographies are combined with classical tap. Dizzying acrobatics by the south american artistic group "pura vida or fast-paced diverse dance styles demand high performance from the artists.
High quality dance coupled with spectacular performances, an excellent light show and rhythmic music highlight the uniqueness of the dance styles and come together to create a dazzling show.
Tickets are still available at the known ticket offices.

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District of bad kissingen awards cultural honorary letters

Although the infection traps in the district are manageable, the pandemic has left its mark on the music and culture sector, according to district administrator thomas bold in his welcoming address. The decisions related to the crisis to restrict public cultural events had hit the county hard. "Uncertainty in march, relaxed restrictions in june, which allowed samples under certain conditions, and for some weeks now rapidly rising infection figures again."We are far away from the old normality", the district administrator stated.

Nevertheless, the culture and music creators should not fall into lethargy. "We have to keep our eyes on the future, because people long for cultural offerings. Entertainment, diversion, expression of social currents and political opinions are inextricably linked with the cultural offer", so bold.

The communities took their mission in cultural work seriously, bold continued. The culture requirement is not a compulsory task, but a voluntary service. "Municipal and city councils have shown far-sightedness in this respect. This is also evident in hammelburg with the bavarian music academy", he added.

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Bamberger on “the voice of germany”: french metal band gets to play encore – and convinces the jury

  • Bamberger at "the voice of germany
  • Patrick (29) wanted coaches with song from "nightmare on elm street" convince
  • His performance was shown on prosieben on thursday evening.

Update 03.10.2019: for patrick it was at "the voice of germany" not enough

At the blind auditions for "the voice of germany it’s about one of the coaches turning around during the song – patrick from bamberg couldn’t do that. With "jack’s lament from the movie "nightmare on elm street" he could not convince any of the four jurors. But at least he and his band were allowed to play an encore afterwards. But it was much harder – the hall was raging.

Juro sido finally brought it to the point: "if you had performed like that right away, i had turned around." So the young bamberger has at least once a rough stage for himself and his band with the song "birth of the wicked" at the prosieben-castingshow had and reaped rough applause.

Patrick bulluck had never been surrounded by so much hustle and bustle before. Let alone tv cameras or rough celebrities from the german music business. The 29-year-old from bamberg owes this unusual experience to his remarkable voice and the current season of the TV show "the voice of germany" to owe. How he did and whether he will advance to the next round will be revealed on thursday, 3 p.M. October, 20.15 o’clock, to be seen on prosieben.

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The tradition lives on

The church year knows a rough number of marian feasts and marian commemorations. May is considered to be the classic month of the virgin mary. Pre-christian spring customs were taken up by various christian celebrations. The "may prayer" was the origin a request for a good harvest, similar to the processions in the fields ("bitt-tage") that ask for a blessing for the fields and fruits in this season. Starting from italy, france, switzerland and austria, the may devotions with a marianic character spread in the first half of the 19th century. Also in germany at the beginning of the twentieth century. In oerlenbach, the game of may is a popular practice.

They were connected with "may sermons", which emphasized the importance of these devotions. May devotions and may sermons also called for marian piety, which appealed to people emotionally. The flowers and bleeds symbolize mary in her gracefulness; she is called "the most beautiful flower" sung.

Also in oerlenbach there is a special need, which is cultivated with much love. "Ever since music has been played in oerlenbach, the maianspielen has been a tradition", explains otmar lutz of the pensioners band of the music club oerlenbach. Around 1960, however, this fell asleep, the cause of which is unknown to this day. In 1995 the band of pensioners took up this tradition again. Whereas in the past, depending on the direction of the wind, the songs of the virgin mary sounded either from today’s sports field or from the road to ebenhausen, today musicians and residents meet at the sebastianikapelle in the kapellenstrabe.

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