Seehofer opposes rent cap in berlin

Seehofer opposes rent cap in berlin

The plans of the red-red-green berlin senate for a rent cap with legally defined upper limits for housing costs are now also driving the federal government around.

"A rent cap will tighten the bottlenecks on the housing markets," said horst seehofer (CSU), the interior minister responsible for construction and housing, in response to a question from the german press agency. "Such a regulation will not create a single new apartment." It sends the wrong signal to the housing industry and "scares off investors"". The rent cap threatens the positive development of construction activity.

Although no draft legislation has yet been presented in berlin, let alone passed, the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the bundestag is considering a constitutional challenge to the plan. He considers the proposal unconstitutional, "so that we should consider going to the federal constitutional court," said vice faction leader thorsten frei to the newspapers of the funke mediengruppe. "There is already a lack of state competence," he said.

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Why ruckel did not become the burgerblock’s mayoral candidate

Why ruckel did not become the burgerblock's mayoral candidate

Michael ruckel is "in favor of complete transparency and openness"; he is interested in honest dealings within his own ranks and with his political opponents. That’s what he says, and that’s why he recently took radical action: the parliamentary group leader of the wiesentheider burgerblock is not running for mayor on behalf of his grouping. He has been working on this plan for two years; the executive board and the parliamentary group were behind him. What had happened?

Ruckel’s burgerblock is the driving force in wiesentheid, fighting uncompromisingly against the siting of an industrial lettuce production facility on municipal land. This is not the only issue on which ruckel repeatedly clashes with the CSU’s burgermeister werner knaier. The leader of the burgerblock in the city council sees himself in the role of the opposition leader who denounces aberrations and brings them up in the council. Ruckel sometimes believes himself to be "undemocratic" thwarted.

At an october meeting, burgerblock asks why a toilet facility should cost 180,000 euros more than planned, and is "forbidden to speak" in the council, as ruckel says. When the same thing happens again with the lettuce issue in november, he and the members of the burgerblock leave the council meeting in protest. The eclat is perfect, however, two burgerblock-rate remain seated.

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Carnival show in the wild west

carnival show in the wild west

True to the carnival motto, the market hall resembled the wild west this weekend. Cowboys, sheriffs and indians from small to large and as far as the eye could see, as well as a great stage set that created a western atmosphere. Over five hours of entertainment awaited the carnival jesters in the audience.

Shortly after 7 p.M., the six-headed guessers mathias sperber (rentweinsdorf), steffen neubauer, oliver stark, kurt schorn, sarah schmidtlien and matthias sperber (sendelbach), who rode into the market hall on their (stuck) horses, virtually opened the battlefield. In the process, a small (plush) dog came to its death. "If you don't hit anything, you always hit a dog" a council of six alluded to an incident in the community a few years ago. But thanks to an ouzo from the local greek, the rambunctious sixers were able to revive the doggie.

The flopmdel

"The unsuspecting from the ladies' regulars' table rentweinsdorf were looking for "rentweinsdorf's next flopmodel" this year. The way the jury members bruce darnell, heidi klum and jorge gonzàlez were imitated was enough to make the audience laugh. Even as the contestants took to the stage, the audience fell into laughter: witch, drunken redcap, which in this state "bluecap" calls, stinking dwarf, frog, sheik, snake charmer, belly dancer or santa maria, the brother of santa claus. In the end, the charming indian winnetouch gets ahead and even makes it onto the front page of the VG ebern's newsletter thanks to his photo shoot.

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Before the “grind”, construction is taking place in weidhausen

Behind a hedge at the elementary school, people are talking and screwing – children's voices can be heard. A narrow path leads to an asphalt court, about half as rough as a tennis court. Skateboards, BMX bicycles and scooters on the way reveal what is being built there: a skate park.

The special feature: the later users, the children and young people of the community, are involved in the construction work. It is a project of the municipal youth work and the municipality. It is being implemented under the expert guidance of coburg's BMX world champion markus grempel. "We have to be ready in two days", says grempel and continues. He has made the calculations, ordered the material and is now carrying out the work with the young people.

The pedagogical background, as grempel explains, is that the young people build the facility themselves and thus value it more strongly. Vandalism is to be prevented in this way. Grempel has enough helpers. Between ten and 15 youngsters scurry around on the land. One of them is 12-year-old justin reising. "I have been riding BMX for three years and I am looking forward to the new track", says reising and continues to tinker with the grindbox, where he will soon be practicing his tricks.

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At 18 on place 1

It was a bit cramped, but quite cozy at the nomination meeting of the kronach district association of bundnis90/die grunen. They met in the "sonnenschein" inn and presented their list for the county council and the city council. Among other things, they criticized "too much lobbying" and "too little heart and soul.

The candidates have no doubt what will be on the agenda in the future. Of course, the protection of nature is still in the foreground, but topics such as youth parliaments, care of the elderly citizens, refugee work and a good mobility concept should not be left out. The aim is to make the region stronger, to counteract the flatness of the region and, above all, to talk to each other sensibly.

And talking was also in the foreground of this meeting, because all candidates were given the opportunity to introduce themselves and also to answer questions. Again and again, therefore, election director franz kostner had to interrupt at this point, because the joy of discussion had almost burst the frame.

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Children of tv unterrodach show what they can do

The boys and girls showed what they had learned during the year. Numerous parents, friends and relatives wanted to be present when the young athletes presented their rough progress. They were rewarded for coming with a colorful two-hour program – including gymnastics, dance, acrobatics, lots of music as well as poems and songs. Gabi bauer and sylvia hanke were in charge of the overall management. Together with the exercise leaders of the individual departments – gesine heppt, carmen schnell, birgit wich, miranda zwiehoff, julia messelberger and kim schroppel – the program was a complete success.

TVU chairman hartmut fleischmann thanked all active members and their parents for their loyalty to the sports club. He thanked all the training supervisors for their commitment during the year and all the helpers without whom the sporting year-end could not have been realized. "In the past year, well over 1000 qualified sports lessons were held", he praised and was pleased about the increase in the number of members of his association in 2012, which now has around 850 sports enthusiasts of all ages.
Priest dirk griesbach set the mood for christmas with atmospheric words and a song sung together with his wife christiane griesbach.

Also "high there was a visit for the sportsmen. The christmas child from kronach made an appearance together with his angels and brought some nice presents for the little ones. But then it was "stage free" for the sporty as well as musical trip around the world.

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