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Young boy, oh, Young boy! If you’re not impressed with the DJI Mini 3 and the Mini 3 Pro, well, you must be! It is an outstanding system all around, to state the least.

For its size and its variety of functions, the truth that DJI had the ability to put all of that into these little platforms– if none of that gets you, the cost definitely will.

No other system out there to date uses a lot in such a little type element at the cost that the Mini 3 and the Mine 3 Pro are at.

We might invest days on end going through all these little flying charms need to provide and simply how enjoyable they are to fly. Nevertheless, what we wish to focus our attention on today is the Mini 3 and the Mini 3 Pro’s Wi-Fi.

Now as we simply stated above the DJI Mini 3 and the Mini 3 Pro are remarkable.

In the Mini series, whether you’re discussing the initial Mini to the Mini 2 to this newest variation, the Mini 3 and its a little enhanced Pro variation, the Mini 3 Pro, DJI has actually brought us a system that enables newbies and experienced pilots alike to have access to a far more budget friendly airplane than any we had actually seen prior to with the qualities the Mini 3 and Mini 3 Pro deal.

This enabled those who wondered about drones and their operation to take that plunge and enter into the air.

Simply as veteran experienced pilots like the price that these platforms provide, had it simply been the Mini 3 or the Mini 3 Pro itself, all of us would have enjoyed.

That’s not rather all there was, however.

The Mini 3 series likewise presented numerous to an entire brand-new controller with an integrated screen.

This level of development was something we ‘d just seen in the more commercial/enterprise systems prior to this or as an optional additional purchase at a heavy cost.

That, well, that’s what DJI does, and they do it with a particular style most business will never ever have.

Similar to any brand-new tech, we require to discover or relearn these brand-new systems and how they run.

Despite The Fact That the Mini 3 and the Mini 3 Pro resemble every other drone DJI has in their line of product, they are all various, and they all fly in a different way from one another.

As a drone pilot, you are constantly contributing to your understanding base. This is why we’re here today, as numerous have actually discovered it challenging to discover the WiFi settings and have the ability to alter them.

Given That we do have 2 various kinds of user interfaces, we’ll cover how to get to these settings and the actions you require to do so, along with why you might require to do so.

Let’s solve to it, then.

Why do you require to link the Mini 3 to Wi-Fi?

Now you might be questioning why you might require to hook the Mini 3 or Mini 3 Pro to a WiFi source.

The response is a simple one to offer; it’s so you can make use of the integrated Quick Transfer system.

That is, naturally, not the only factor you might wish to link to a Wi-Fi source. It will likewise upgrade your maps and offer much better connections to the controller and airplane.

Among the other advantages of utilizing the Wi-Fi connection is the capability to utilize the LightCut editor that DJI offers.

This program enables you to modify videos and images straight without the requirement to publish the product to another source. Now that’s benefit!

If you have not dealt with LightCut yet, certainly take a while to examine it out. It is a user friendly program with numerous functions like those discovered in your bigger editors, like Last Cut Pro or DaVinci.

Now that we have actually checked out the why of it, let’s get you linked!

How to link to Wi-Fi with the RC Remote Controller

The Mini 3 and the Mini 3 Pro both deal with not just the NC-RC 1 controller however were the very first to deal with the RC Remote controller. This was presented as the controller for the Mini 3 and the Mini 3 Pro.

Now this controller is likewise able to run numerous other DJI airplane. It began with the Mini 3.

Follow these actions to find the Wi-Fi connection in the settings.

  1. With the controller on and linked to the Mini 3 or Mini 3 Pro, begin by swiping below the top of the screen.
  2. This will lower a little info bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Swipe down a 2nd, and this info bar shows up:
  1. If you take too wish for the 2nd swipe, the procedure will require to be duplicated.
  2. As soon as you have actually swiped downward for the 2nd time, you will now see a split window.
  3. A notice window will be on the left side, and a setting window to the right.

Note: With Wi-Fi as one of the very first alternatives, it’s excellent to understand that there are a couple of other alternatives you wish to bear in mind here, such as the 2 slider bars, one for the screen brightness and the other for volume.

We can likewise open the Bluetooth function which enables even additional connection and gadget utilize such as a cordless microphone or earphones.

An actually crucial choice, one most pilots out there are utilizing routinely, is the integrated screen recorder. Here you can likewise get in a mobile information prepare account. In order to trigger the mobile information strategy choice, a sim card is required.

Back to that Wi-fi, however. As you can see, this is an essential location of the controller, and in the heat of flying and multi-tasking, it can be quickly ignored on how to access this location of the controller. Think me, I understand and have actually done it.

  1. Double down swipe from the top of the screen.
  2. By choosing the Wi-Fi tab, we can either turn WiFi on or off. To access to the greater settings functions, you will require to pick the little equipment logo design situated in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  1. By choosing that choice, you will open the primary settings screen, and at the really leading, the very first choice is the Network and Web setting choice.
  1. If we pick this choice from the menu, we will access to the offered networks and have the ability to pick among our options.
  2. If this is the very first time linking to that network, you will be triggered to get in the password, and after that the connection procedure will finish.
  3. You will now be linked to that Wi-Fi source.

How to link to Wi-Fi with the RC-N1 Controller

We have 2 controllers for the DJI Mini 3 and the Mini 3 Pro, so we require to take a look at the procedure needed for linking to the Wi-Fi when utilizing a different screen gadget such as a tablet or phone.

Although the procedure is mainly the exact same, it is a little various since you will be leaving the DJI Fly App and entering your gadget’s menu.

  1. You will begin by swiping below the top of the screen on your gadget from the DJI Fly App.
  2. Similar To the RC controller, this will lower a little panel of info associated to the gadget you are utilizing.
  3. Swiping down a 2nd time will raise the gadget’s setting tab.

Extremely comparable to the technique explained above, it’s here where the discrepancy takes place.

  1. To access the primary Wi-Fi settings page, you will require to push and hold the Wi-Fi tab that is revealed.
  2. By doing this, you will have the ability to open the primary Wi-Fi settings page.
  1. Then similar to above, you will have the ability to pick the Wi-Fi source of your option and link through that source.
  2. As soon as you have actually made that connection, you’re excellent to go. If there is ever a requirement to change from one network to another, all that is required is to follow the procedure above.

As I specified above at the start of the short article, there are a couple of factors for being linked to a Wi-Fi source.

You must understand that the absence of Wi-Fi will not keep you grounded. Not! Wi-Fi isn’t needed for flights.

Nevertheless, if you wish to have the most recent updates set up or if you wish to utilize the fast transfer function, having this connection will be needed.

As a tool in your tool kit, it can be available in useful when required and be annoying when it’s not working appropriately.

As a pilot who flies in a mountainous location mainly, having a Wi-Fi connection all the time simply isn’t possible.

When it is however, it can be a huge time saver for information transfer or to help in much better situational awareness, as the maps for the location will exist.

Fly Safe, Fly Constantly, Constantly Fly Safe!

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